Anna Felländer

Anna Felländer, Digital Economist, Swedish House of Finance

Title: “Diginomics - transformation at a higher speed"
Anna Felländer will talk about the digital transformation on the basis of society, business and the economy. New forms of competition, value creation and value chains are rapidly changing the landscape, and to be able to navigate we need transparency and customer focus. The new gold resource is the customer database, but the customer needs trust, and the key is finding the right balance in terms of transparency and integrity. The customer and the citizen wants to be part of creating. Through so-called co-creation we can strengthen customer loyalty and the social contract for citizens.
Brief bio:
Anna Felländer has many years of experience in analyzing how digitalisation is changing society, business and the economy. She has published a number of reports on the subject, of which one describes the sharing economy opportunities and challenges. She has been an expert in the government's Digitalisation Commission (Digitaliseringskommissionen), and in the government’s official report on taxi and carsharing, has had the role of chief economist and digital economist at Swedbank and has many years of experience working in government offices. She is senior adviser and board member in both large companies and start-ups, and has a platform in academia.

Page manager Published: Thu 26 Jan 2017.