People taking on a stage, on online
​Photo: Jan Grahn

Centres highlighted 25 years of wireless research

In November, ChaseOn and GHz Centre organized a Centre Day to highlight 25 years of research results from Sweden's largest wireless research program, including more than 20 industrial partners. Around 160 participated in this hybrid event, with 80 on-site and 80 online. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, international guests were (with some exceptions) not able to attend.
Leading researchers from Chalmers and industry summarized the centre's long-term impact, so far and in the future, in areas such as telecom, radar, sensors, medical technology, space and transport.

The Centre Directors Professors. Erik Ström and Jan Grahn said thank you after their tenures where Jan Grahn addressed more than 20 years of leading a microwave competence centre in Sweden. Chairman Peter Olanders, Ericsson, concluded the five years.

Page manager Published: Tue 30 Nov 2021.