Winners of our Hackathon

Aqua Squad: Is it clean?

The winning team focused their proposal to meet the needs of the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 6 – Ensuring access to safe water and sanitation and sound management of freshwater ecosystems.
The team built an app that could help determine if water was clean enough to drink. The app used machine learning to interpret images of water, and additionally a sensor that identify bacteria and heavy metals. The app was controlled through a voice interface, and it would give random facts about water while processing the data and finally give its statement about the water condition.
The motivation from the jury read:
This team provided a solution to a global problem that is truly globally accessible. With a clear idea and good application of machine learning, their result is a small product with a big impact. It provides an automatic solution to a problem that is hard to solve manually. We can’t wait to see where the future takes this project.
The winning team is the team Aqua Squad with the solution Is it clean?
Thank you to our jury: Angeliki Lazaridou, Google Deepmind, Jörgen Larsson, Business Region Göteborg, Oscar Ivarsson, Chalmers, and Snezhina Racheva, student GU och Ctrl+Alt+Team.
In parallel with the initiative seminar in Chalmers Conference Centre, we held an exciting hackathon in cooperation with IT-gymnasiet – Machine Learning Hack for Sustainability.
The students took part of an important and front edge challenge when developing and presenting their ideas during the seminar. With ready to use machine learning libraries, and a Google AIY voice kit, the students are commissioned to propose an application that would promote sustainable development. The winning team presented their idea on stage in Runan at the end of the day.

 The activity has been supported by the Chalmers Foundation.

Published: Mon 05 Mar 2018. Modified: Thu 05 Apr 2018