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Internal calls and grants

As part of our operations, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Area of Advance (AoA) funds internal Chalmers research projects and operational support. Here are the types of funding that Chalmers researchers and teachers can apply for.

The calls are announced through the newsletter and here, on the webpage. The ICT AoA offers several open calls for continuous applications during the year (more info below): 

  • ICT Seed projects
  • Support for High-Level Academic Service
  • Conference organisation support
  • Visiting researcher
  • Development of PhD courses​
  • Funding for innovative ideas

ICT SEED projects

Every year we announce a call for proposals within ICT strategic areas, involving interdisciplinary approaches.​ It provides financial support for SEED projects, i.e., projects involving innovative ideas that can be a starting point for further collaborative research and joint funding applications. The total budget of the call is 1 MSEK. We expect to fund 3-5 projects.​ The call is released in April, notification of grant in June and the expected projects start in January the following year.

Details on the call:
We will prioritize research projects according to this list:
  • Researchers in new constellationswho have not worked together before (i.e., have no joint projects or publications). Ex: Between ICT departments or between ICT and other Areas of Advance.
  • Gender-balanced teams and younger researchers, e.g., assistant professors, will be prioritized.
  • Proposals related to sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are encouraged.
Note: Only researchers employed at Chalmers can apply and can be funded. PhD students cannot be supported by this call.  Applicants and co-applicants of research proposals funded in the 2021 and 2022 ICT SEED calls cannot apply. 

  • Budget: must be between 100 kSEK and 300 kSEK, including indirect costs (OH). The budget is mainly to cover personnel costs for Chalmers employees (but not PhD students). The budget cannot cover costs for equipment or travel costs to conferences/research visits. 
  • Project start: must start in early 2023 and should last 3-6 months. 
What must the application contain?
  • The application should be at most 3 pages long, font Times–Roman, size 11. 
  • In addition, max 1 page can be used for references. 
  • Finally, an additional one-page CV of each one of the applicants must be included (max 4 CVs). Proposals that do not comply with this format will be desk rejected (no review process).
  • Submission: The application should be submitted as one PDF document.
The proposal should include:
a) project title 
b) name, e-mail, and affiliation (department, division) of the applicants
c) the research challenges addressed and the objective of the project; interdisciplinary aspects should be highlighted; also the applicant should discuss how the project contributes to sustainable development, preferably in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Try to be specific and list the targets within each Goal that are addressed by your project.
d) the project description 
e) the expected outcome (including dissemination plan) and the plan for further research and funding acquisition
f) the project participants and the planned efforts
g) the project budget and activity timeline

Evaluation criteria
  • Team composition
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Novelty
  • Relevance to AoA ICT and Chalmers research strategy as well as to SDG
  • Dissemination plan
  • Potential for further research and joint funding applications
  • Budget and project feasibility​
The proposals will be evaluated by the AoA ICT management group and selected Chalmers researchers. Questions can be addressed to ICT AoA Director Erik Ström with cc: Vice Director Moa Johansson​.

Support for High-Level Academic Service

High-level academic service refers to volunteer (unpaid), time-consuming service for the research community, e.g., editor-in-chief or senior editor for reputable scientific journals or technical program committee (TPC) chair for prestigious international conferences. The purpose with the financial support is to encourage such service. Please note that, in order to limit Chalmers internal administration, minor service such as membership in TPCs, reviewing, etc. will not receive support.

To apply for support, provide the following information:

1. Name, email, affiliation of applicant

2. Short description of the academic service and time period for the service

Send the application to ICT AoA Director Erik Ström with cc: Vice Director Moa Johansson.​

Conference organisation support

The ICT AoA provides support for the organisation of conferences or workshops in Gothenburg.

To apply for conference support:

  1. Write a brief request, including a short description of the conference (one paragraph),
  2. Date, place, and expected number of participants.

Send the application to ICT AoA Director Erik Ström with cc: Vice Director Moa Johansson.​

Depending on the number of participants, applicants may receive between 10 to 20 kSEK. Applicants need to specify a Chalmers project number so that the money can be transferred to the project.

If your application is accepted, we request that you include the ICT AoA logo on your conference website. Contact Carina Schultz, Communications Officer for the Area of Advance logotype.

Visiting researcher

The ICT Area of Advance provides support for visiting researchers in an ICT area related to one of our challenges; Automated Society, Connected World, Digital Sustainability and AI. ​

The visiting researcher should preferably be hosted by two or several research groups from different divisions/departments. The duration of their stay should be at least one month.

The guest should hold at least one seminar/workshop or a similar event open to researchers/students at Chalmers.

The visiting researcher grant is between 50 KSEK and 100 KSEK. It should be used to cover travel and accommodation costs as well as living costs and an honorarium (in accordance with tax rules). Additional costs for the organisation of a seminar or workshop related to the visit can also be covered.

To apply for the visiting researcher grant, provide the following information:

  1. Name, e-mail, affiliation, of the main applicant
  2. Name, e-mail, and affiliations of co-applicants
  3. Name, e-mail, URL, affiliation, and short CV of guest
  4. Planned period for the visit
  5. The purpose of the visit (1-2 pages) such as a) expected results in relation to the ICT profile areas and impact of the cooperation between visiting and hosting departments/divisions, b) other expected results of the visit, and c) possible further cooperation.
  6. Budget: travel costs, accommodation, living costs, additional costs

Please note that ICT AoA will not provide support for booking travel and lodging or finding office spaces at Chalmers.

Selection criteria:

  1. Relevance to ICT AoA profile areas
  2. Impact of the visit on the cooperation between host and guest department, and between different research groups at Chalmers
  3. The scientific excellence of the visiting researcher
  4. Plans for further cooperation

Send the application to ICT AoA Director Erik Ström with cc: Vice Director Moa Johansson.

Development of PhD courses

The ICT Area of Advance provides support for the development of PhD courses. Courses should be related to one of our challenges; Automated Society, Connected World, Digital Sustainability and AI. They should preferably be developed jointly by researchers belonging to two or several research groups from different divisions/departments.

The ICT AoA will support the development of a course with between 50 KSEK and 100 KSEK.

You can apply for the ICT AoA course development support by providing the following information:

  1. Name, e-mail, and affiliation of main applicant
  2. Name, e-mail, and affiliation of co-applicants
  3. Course title, level, number of credits
  4. Short description of the course (aim, content, learning outcomes, intended audience)
  5. Period in which the course will be developed and period in which the course will be offered.
  6. Budget

Send the application to ICT AoA Director Erik Ström with cc: Vice Director Moa Johansson.

Do you have an innovative idea?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have ideas that would support the goals for the ICT Area of Advance. The ICT AoA management will gladly discuss these ideas with you, and consider possible funding opportunities. 

Send the application to ICT AoA Director Erik Ström with cc: Vice Director Moa Johansson.​

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