Get to know Chalmers new Area of Advance Health Engineering

​The Health Engineering Area of Advance will contribute to new knowledge and innovation that addresses society's major challenges within health and wellbeing. The five profile areas show the scope of the research.
Chalmers conducts extensive research in the health area in a broad sense, involving 12 out of 13 departments. The purpose of establishing an Area of Advance in this field is to enable the entire span of research at Chalmers to join forces and create impact.

There are also broad and established collaborations with the Sahlgrenska Academy and the Faculty of Science at the University of Gothenburg as well as with the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Region Västra Götaland. By creating an Area of Advance, we aim to strengthen and coordinate our collaboration with external partners and engage in mutual interests. 

The Health Engineering Area of Advance helps to promote initiatives concerning prevention for individuals and society, development of new methods for diagnosing and treating diseases and development of new systems for medical care and health – which are key parts of health-related research to be able to offer better solutions for patient care, health and quality of life.

The activities include research, education and utilisation. The Area of Advance helps to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration, arranges joint seminar series and workshops, and contributes with strategic resources for major initiatives such as research centres, educational development and collaboration in external initiatives.

Ann-Sofie Cans is Director
The Director of Health Engineering is Ann-Sofie Cans, Associate professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Together with the profile leaders and senior advisor Bo Norrman, they have led the work of forming the new Area of Advance with strong support from Chalmers’ departments and strategic partners.

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Published: Mon 15 Jun 2020.