Society and industry

​Industrial collaboration

Strategic long-term agreements have during the last few years been settled with ABB, Eon, Göteborg Energi and Preem. In addition, large contributors to the development of the Energy Area of Advance are also Vattenfall, Södra, Metso and Volvo. Industrial collaboration is a key activity to make sure that research results are industrialised.

In order for projects to address both academic and industrial challenges, the industry and the researchers initiate the industrial research projects jointly and together determine the priorities. Almost 200 industrial PhD students, adjunct researchers and other researchers spend time at partner companies forming an interface between academia and industry. In addition, many MSc projects are performed in close collaboration with industry. The close links between research and education ensure that Masters and PhDs have skills relevant to industry.

Among the patent applications filed within Chalmers Energy Initiative 85 % have industry (or research institutes) as the applicant, while academic researchers are the inventors. The energy-related knowledge centres at Chalmers are other examples of industry and academia working together.  

Societal collaboration

The Energy Area of Advance considers that an important and integral part of our research environment is to put the research in a societal perspective. For example, the whole point of the IPCC is societal outreach if it is to make any impact. In spring 2014, AR5 IPCC reports were released and over 60 citations included energy researchers.

The Energy Area of Advance management and research groups have organised numerous seminars and other outreach activities designed for the public. Media have highlighted many activities, like contributions in textbooks, web publications, seminars, and interviews and thus placing energy and environmental issues at the top of Chalmers’ media exposure.

In order to identify and disseminate knowledge about the possible role of new technologies and systems for society, we have analysed our findings through a systems perspective and published three publically available e-books, named System perspectives on..., on three main technical areas. Chalmers also facilitates popular scientific seminars for high school students, providing knowledge in science and technology, as well as teaching tools.

At policy level, researchers take part in developing new standards, policies, and action plans.

Making science useful

The project Making science useful is about showing the vide variety of which science is utilised in the society. It shows the strength of a complementary, horizontal organisation structure strengthening university – industry relations, enabling today’s and tomorrow’s questions about energy and resource efficiency to be addressed. We have gathered cases to show some examples on how science is made useful.

Page manager Published: Mon 23 Sep 2019.