Increased sustainability in focus for Chalmers and IVL

More research to meet the UN’s sustainability goals. That is the focus when Chalmers and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute collaborate. In 2019, the parties signed a strategic partnership agreement, to facilitate and coordinate the cooperation.

Chalmers and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have a long-term history of research collaboration in many areas, and in different disciplines. But Chalmers is a big university, and to increase the opportunities for coordination, and not miss out on opportunities for collaboration, the parties decided to enter into a so-called strategic partnership in 2019.

The partnership entails developing collaboration, from management level down to the individual researcher, with the aim of creating joint projects in relevant areas. Together, Chalmers and IVL can coordinate efforts and benefit from each other’s competences. They can also work together to communicate the research’s concrete contributions to sustainable development, as they have a joint mission in working for a sustainable future society, in line with the UN’s sustainability goals.

The strategic partnership began with an inventory of existing collaborations. After gaining this overview, it became possible to make strategic decisions to establish areas of collaboration. Four broad areas have been defined: Building Materials, Bioeconomy, Digitalisation and Water – including everything from marine environments to drinking water. In these areas, the parties want to explore synergies, and bring together researchers to enable the exchange of ideas and creation of new research projects.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute have for many years had doctoral students placed at Chalmers, as well as a number of adjunct professors. The institute also welcome students for thesis projects each year. In addition to this, IVL values the possibility to contribute to education in close collaboration with Chalmers, for example through events and guest lectures.

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Jan 2021.