Göteborg Energi and Chalmers for a sustainable Gothenburg

​Göteborg Energi and Chalmers share the vision of a sustainable society. In 2011, an intensified collaboration was launched in order to jointly work towards realising the vision.
The collaboration between Chalmers and Göteborg Energi concerns smart grids, energy efficiency in buildings, energy combinations (combined production of electricity, heat, fuels, etc), and transport and energy. The focus lays on finding common high-quality projects with unique values. Göteborg Energi's existing infrastructures can for example be used for research and demonstrations in order to shorten the distance from research to realisiation.

“Göteborg Energi is an energy company with an outspoken ambition to work for long-term sustainable energy solutions in the society. Due to this ambition, Göteborg Energi has a close collaboration with the academy to enable a highly innovative and flexible company, meeting an energy sector in transformation. Chalmers play an important role, helping Göteborg Energi understanding this transformation. Knowledge and information are key components in understanding this ongoing sectorial change."
Lotta Brändström, CEO, Göteborg Energi AB

Read more about the projects initiated within the intensified collaboration:


For more information, please contact Jenny Forshufvud​​, coordinator of Chalmers' collaboration with Göteborg Energi.

News from the collaboration

Published: Tue 13 Jun 2017.