Ongoing projects

​This webpage lists ongoing projects within the collaboration between Göteborg Energi and Chalmers.

STAMINA – Processing and analysis of data STreams in Advanced Metering INfrastructures for Awareness and Adaptiveness in electricity grids

The research goals are to develop methods and algorithms that enable the utility company to better use the infrastructure as well as developing knowledge to better understand future electricity networks. Parallel and distributed computation methods are studied to monitor the state of the low-voltage distribution network in real-time or close to real-time. The aim is to quickly find and handle deviations and to increase the understanding of the distribution network. It is also expected that the project will give insights in providing near-real-time information to match supply and demand. The project is in line with the corresponding industrial-PhD project supported by WASP (Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program);

Innovative energy management system for smart buildings and grid interactions

This project aims to develop a platform for innovative energy management system for smart buildings with own renewable energy based production and energy storage devices within a microgrid context. The platform can be used to cost-effectively match the building’s energy demand by its own local generation and energy storage devices in a near real-time manner. The project aims at improving the efficiency of energy uses in buildings, thus reducing total energy demands in buildings without compromising the level of comforts of customers. The project will involve measurements and validations, using the test bed HSB Living Lab.

End users’ role in smart energy network

The aim of the project is to explore what roles households can play in smart energy networks, including both electricity and district heating, and what ICT solutions that are needed to enable those roles. What roles households would like to play is first investigated in focus groups. Thereafter, Ero - an ICT solution for home energy management developed in a parallel project - is tested in the HSB Living Lab. Ero enables end users to control energy using applicates and adapt their usage to energy forecasts.

District Cooling for Älvstaden

The aim of the project is to develop the existing district cooling system in Gothenburg. From an initial investigation of the current situation strategies on how the development can be directed will be proposed. The focus of the project is to explore the possibilities of utilizing higher temperatures and thus more free cooling from Göta River.

Combined heat and power plants in energy systems with volatile electricity prices

The aim of the project is to increase knowledge about the requirements that will be put on large-scale combined heat and power (CHP) plants in the Swedish energy system as the market is developing towards increased volatility in electricity prices due to increased shares of non-controllable but variable power, such as wind and solar. The project is studying requirements in both short term (adaptation of existing plants) and long term (construction of new plants and systems).
The project is co-financed by Energimyndigheten, Energiforsk, Göteborg Energi and Chalmers and is a co-operation with Solvina.

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