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All articles, dissertations, and conference articles by Chalmers researchers are registered in Chalmers research database. Publications related to the Energy Area of Advance are sorted under Energy. Direct link to energy-related publications:


Chalmers Energy Area of Advance has initiated the project Systems Perspectives on… that has gathered some seventy researchers from different disciplines to assess new technologies in renewable energy, electric vehicles and processing of biomass. The result is a an evolving e-book series, Systems Perspectives on …, which we update regularly.


The following reports have been prepared on behalf of the Energy Area of Advance:


Chalmers’ energy researchers frequently participate in media, either to spread research results, act as experts within their subject areas, or take part in the debate on future energy systems. Recent media participation by our energy researchers is listed in the box Energy researchers in media below.

Are you a journalist looking for an energy researcher to interview? Do not hesitate to contact Chalmers' press contacts.

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