Electricity for Societal Development

Electricity for Societal Development is one of six profile areas within Chalmers Energy Area of Advance. This profile area tackles the challenge of reliably accommodating an increasing amount of renewable, variable electricity production in the power system.

With increased urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the energy system, it is reasonable to expect that electricity will be an increasingly important energy carrier across society. It is a common wish, both from the research society and from decision makers, that in future power systems the majority of the energy supply will be achieved through renewable energy sources, while the power systems should be increasingly controllable in order to optimise the power flow and reduce losses.

The vision of the Electricity for Societal Development profile is that Chalmers will be in the lead of the process of transforming the electric power systems to become sustainable and efficient, and at the same time meeting the changing societal challenges. The will be done by proposing, investigating and evaluating new solutions for reinforcing and transforming the power system and its associated infrastructures.

Active research fields

The profile includes three major, tightly cooperating, active research fields:
  • Electric power generation, transmission and distribution systems
    The aim of the research in this active field is to investigate and evaluate solutions for an efficient, effective and secure design and operation of the future power systems.
  • Materials and diagnostics for high-voltage networks
    The main goal within this active field is to develop and introduce new material solutions in the design of future power systems components, with a special focus on HVDC transmission.
  • Techno-economic aspects of energy systems
    Research within this active field aims at understanding the future role of the electricity system under various scenarios, considering different targets on emission reduction, renewable energy, and efficiency.

Ongoing activities

We strongly believe that the key-of-success for the profile lies in the combination of excellent research of each specific active field in conjunction with a tight cooperation, enabling broad and unique knowledge in the area of electric power systems. For the period of 2015–2019 we therefore plan several community building activities and establishment of a Profile Young Seniors Board as well as a Profile Advsory Board. Several research work packages have also been launched, examples of topics are:

  • Societal and environmental aspects of decentralized electricity systems
  • INDEED: Information and data-processing in focus for energy efficiency
  • Planning, operation, and control of future renewable power systems
  • Activities within Electric power generation, transmission and distribution system
  • The techno-economics of the electricity system
  • Activities within Materials and diagnostics for high-voltage networks
Read more about the Electricy for Societal Development profile and the planned activities in the Short version profile plan for Electricity for Societal Development 2015–2019.


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