Bildbeskrivning: Från styrkeområden Energi och Transports lunchseminarium 26 april 2018
The panel och presenters answering the many questions from the audience.

"Electricity & Biofuels – do we need both?" delivered a wide and varied knowledge and dialogue

​Areas of Advance Energy and Transports' lunch seminar with RISE delivered well-informed presentations, a heated discussion on fuel preferences but also an noticeable consensus on the need for several future fuel alternatives.

​On Thursday the 26th of April 2018 presenters and panel members from Chalmers och RISE teamed up for a lunch seminar on different future alternative fuel choices. Presenters were Maria Grahn, Chalmers Area of Advance Energy, and Patrik Klintbom from RISE, and the panel members were Frances Sprei and Jonas Sjöblom from Chalmers together with Karin Pettersson and Markus Norström from RISE.

Several different alternatives for future choices of fuels were presented and discussed, and a slight discern for certain fuels was noticed between presenters, panel members and the audicence. The lunch seminar gathered a substantial group of participants and the level of their interest became very apparent after the presentations and panel debate, when it was time for questions. Differences in preferences became obvious and the debate sometimes even got slightly heated. But on the matter of if one or more choices of fuels would be the route for the future, the debate revealed a quite pronouced concensus. The conclusion that choosing one single fuel alternative in the future will probably show itself very difficult and problematic, appeard quite unanimous, and the seminar instead expressed the probable need for two or more different fuel options.


From left to right: Markus Norström, RISE, Jonas Sjöblom, Maria Grahn och Frances Sprei, Chalmers, Johanna Mossberg och Patrik Klintbom, RISE, Selma Brynolf, Chalmers samt Karin Pettersson, RISE.


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Presentation materials:

Maria Grahn: The role of biofuels, electrofuels and electricity in the transformation of the transport sector. »

Patrik Klintbom: Electricity and biofuels – synergies and competition. »

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