The energy pod cast
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The Energy Podcast

​Is nuclear power one of the solutions to the climate change? Can the forest replace fossil fuels? Hydropower, how climate-smart is it? How do we convert to a sustainable energy system? Welcome to Chalmers Energy Area of Advance podcast. Here you get to meet researchers, entrepreneurs and others who are involved in some of the most important issues of our time.
In our first podcast, we talk about carbon capture and storage, so-called CCS technology, and how Sweden can achieve negative emissions, ie remove carbon  that already is in the atmosphere, to meet the climate goals.
The Paris Agreement of 2015 called on the countries involved to develop long-term strategies to describe greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. In Sweden, this has resulted in the investigation "Klimatpolitiska vägvalsutredningen". It presents strategies for how Sweden can achieve net negative emissions of greenhouse gases after 2045. Three Chalmers researchers participated in the investigation. We've talked to two of them:
Anders Lyngfelt, Professor of Energy technology and Christel Cederberg, Assistant Professor of Physical resource theory.

Editors for the energy podcast are Julia Franzén and Ann-Christine Nordin.
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