Succes for premiere of Master Thesis Fair Energy

​​On October 10, 2022, a master thesis fair with a focus on energy was held at Chalmers for the first time. Close to 30 companies exhibited and the fair attracted around 300 students in search of master thesis ideas.
Master Thesis Fair Energy 2022— A golden opportunity for us to meet the talents of tomorrow. It has exceeded expectations with a steady stream of relevant students visiting us all afternoon, says Jennie Sträng, Marketing Manager at Sigholm, who was one of the exhibitors.
The master thesis fair was organized jointly by Chalmers Area of Advance Energy, Johanneberg Science Park, Akademiska Hus and Chalmersfastigheter. Students looking for companies to write their master thesis for, poured in during the three hours the fair was running.

“For me, this type of event is very valuable because I'm in my final year and need to find a topic for my thesis. I have some ideas of my own, but am here to hear what the companies need,” says Hari Prasath Perumal, student in Sustainable electric power engineering and electromobility at Chalmers.

“I'm going to write with a friend who is studying product development and we're trying to find something that can suit us both. That's why we're here looking for inspiration today,” says Alexandra Simonsen of the Industrial Ecology program at Chalmers.

“We have been able to offer subjects for almost everyone who has been here and visited us today, so we have definitely received good matches,” says Annika Sormunen at Fortum, who was at the fair to attract thesis writers to the company.
Among the companies that were on site to scout future energy talents were energy companies such as Fortum, Göteborg Energi and Skövde Energi, research institutes and Science Parks such as RISE, IVL and Innovatum, but also smaller companies focusing on, for example, IT security and data analysis.

“For us, it is valuable just to be here and get our name out there for future, potential employees. I've definitely met a couple of people I want to keep in touch with, who have skills that would be valuable to the company,” says Warren O'Neill at Nabla Analytics.

After the fair, the participating companies were given a tour of various energy projects going on around the campus area, with visits to the Power Central, the innovative office building A Working Lab and Johanneberg Science Park. The day ended with a joint dinner.
The Master Thesis Fair Energy was organized this year for the first time, but the plan is for it to become a recurring annual event.

“We will of course be there again next year,” says Jennie Sträng at Sigholm.

We have a lot of good ideas about how to improve our exhibition and our offer to students for next year," says Annika Sormunen at Fortum.

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