Mistra carbon exit
The vision for Mistra Carbon Exit is to contribute to making Sweden an international role model in climate work.​​​​​
​Phot​o: Petter Rudwall​​​​

66 million to Mistra Carbon Exit for the conversion to net zero emissions

​Mistra has decided to allocate funding for a second phase of Mistra Carbon Exit of up to SEK 66 million over the next four years. Program manager Lars Zetterberg is convinced that the program results will contribute to Sweden's conversion to net zero emissions. 
Following an evaluation by an international panel of experts,  the Mistra board has decided to allocate research funding for the program for a second phase. The panel recommends that the various parts of the program be linked together and that the program work to ensure that content and results have a clearer impact on society. ​

– At a time when the consequences of a changing climate are becoming increasingly clear, Mistra Carbon Exit plays an extremely important role by contributing with scientific knowledge on how the transition to a fossil-free society should take place. It’s very satisfying that the program has been approved in the evaluation and now can proceed in a second phase, says Thomas Nilsson, program manager Mistra. 

Lars Zetterberg, Program Manager for Mistra Carbon Exit:  
– We are very happy that Mistra gives us continued confidence and support for Mistra Carbon Exit. We are convinced that our results will contribute to Sweden's conversion to net zero emissions. Our approach to value chains has proven to be effective as it helps us understand obstacles and identify new opportunities. Our close collaboration with companies and authorities is a strong contribution to making research relevant and facilitating its application. It will be very fun to continue working with this group. We feel very honored and will take on the task with great enthusiasm. 

Mistra Carbon Exit, with IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute as program host, started April 1, 2017. The program develops new knowledge and strategies for how Swedish society and Swedish companies can be pioneers in offering products and services with low or no carbon dioxide emissions. The vision is to contribute to making Sweden an important international role model in climate work.  ​ 

– It will be extremely exciting and stimulating to continue working in this program. The work in the first phase will now be a solid basis for further analysis. We have also created a fantastic collaboration between the researchers and also with various customers for the program, says Filip Johnsson, professor of energy technology at Chalmers University of Technology, and scientific chef, Mistra Carbon Exit.

More about Mistra Carbon Exit

Mistra has contributed SEK 56 million in the first phase of four years.  The program's consortium also includes Chalmers University of TechnologyGothenburg University, Linköping University and the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, as well as the three research institutes Resources for the Future in Washington DC, the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin and the Center for European Policy Studies in Brussels. A large number of companies, authorities and interest groups also participate.  

Page manager Published: Tue 12 Jan 2021.