​HSB Living Lab

HSB Living Lab
constitutes a journey towards the housing of the future. The concept of a living lab for conducting research on a sustainable housing environment was born in 2010 and has now become a reality. Students and researchers now live here at Chalmers in order to test innovations and technical solutions intended for next-generation housing. Up to 40 people live in 29 flats equipped with measuring stations and sensors inside a dynamic building whose walls, façades and furnishings will be developed as the research progresses. HSB Living Lab is a cooperative project run by 12 collaborators and constitutes a unique arena for creating the sustainable housing environments of tomorrow. Owners are Chalmers, HSB and Johanneberg Science Park. Partners are Tengbom, Peab, Akademiska Hus, Tieto, Electrolux, Bengt Dahlgren, Göteborg Energi, Elfa, Vedum. #HSBLivingLab

Page manager Published: Wed 28 Mar 2018.