2016: Energy in Urban Development: Towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

​How can energy performance certificates (EPC) be used and improved to further support energy efficient buildings? Welcome to a full-day event addressing these issues!

Date: 29 November 2016

Energy efficiency is a key factor in sustainable cities. At Chalmers several initiatives are taken to promote and develop energy efficient buildings. At this event we discuss how to use and improve the energy performance certificates (EPC) to further support energy efficient buildings. Listen to speakers covering the area from a European and Swedish perspective coupled to indoor environmental quality. A more detailed programme is to be published.
The aim of the event is to share knowledge and raise awareness on EPC compliance with legislation, certification and user behavior. The target groups are energy consultants, construction companies, authorities, municipalities, researchers and students.

An event organized by Chalmers Energy Area of Advance and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Published: Mon 05 Nov 2018.