Energy-related master's programmes

A fundamental feature of all education at Chalmers is the close link to research. This results in advanced courses that reflect both state-of-the-art industrial practice and scientific cutting-edge knowledge. Close collaboration with researchers provides students with an understanding of the importance and impact of research, as well as knowledge of how successful research is conducted. Working on joint projects with industry provides a unique first-hand experience of the benefits of sharing questions and solutions between academia and industry.

Ten programmes connected to the energy area

At Chalmers, currently ten MSc programmes are more closely connected to different aspects of the energy sector that the Energy Area of Advance cover. The programmes develop over time to reflect new developments of the energy market, energy policy, industry requirements and new research insights.

Electric Power Engineering

Structural Engineering and Building Technology

Nuclear Science and Technology

Applied Physics

Applied Mechanics

Automotive Engineering

Design for Sustainable Development

Innovative and Sustainable Chemical Engineering

Industrial Ecology

Sustainable Energy Systems

The educational programmes at Chalmers were top ranked in the Swedish Higher Education Authority’s national evaluation (2013). Of the ten MSc programmes that focus particularly on energy-related subjects, five received the top grade “very high quality” and five received the grade “high quality”.

Chalmers shines in university inspection

Top marks for education in energy and environmental technologies

The energy challenges we are faced with are truly internationally urgent questions, and the participation of international students and lecturers enriches the education. In the energy-related MSc programmes at Chalmers, up to around 50 percent of the students are international.
In the International Student Barometer, ISB, of 2013, Chalmers' results regarding education were very positive – first place in Europe and third worldwide.

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