Technology Impact Assessments


 The work focuses on using a transdisciplinary approach to analyse and evaluate technologies and systems and includes:

  • Set up of an organisational form for combining expertise from very different disciplinary backgrounds.
  • Recruit analysts within economics of innovation and business strategy
  • Apply evaluation approaches to the other three areas of CEI
  • Carry out joint methodological development, syntheses and development of cross-cutting analytical frameworks.

Research packages

Technology Industrialization 

  • Expansion of off shore wind power in the North Sea
  • Industrialization of biomass gasification within EU
  • Diffusion rates of emerging technologies
  • Guidance of industrialization trajectories
  • Innovation system studies of electrification of the transport sector
  • International PhD-course in innovation studies
Technology Assessment
  • Indirect land changes due to expanding biomass system
  • Modelling diffusion of plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • The importance of combining bioenergy with CCS to fulfil the 2-degree target
  • LCA synthesis in new edition of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to LCA
  • Energy analysis of new battery materials
  • Resource limitations for Li-jon batteries
  • UNEP work on materials limitations for solar cells
Integration of system perspectives
  • Web books on Energy combines, Smart Grid and hybrid electric vehicles
  • Different methods and perspectives on the same technology
  • Authors from different fields
  • Target groups: industry, authorities and students
  • Possibility to update and comment
  • Read the evolving E-book series Systems Perspectives on...
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