Advancing solid oxide fuel cells and carbon dioxide electrolysis via developing catalyst, electrode structure and cell configuration

​Dr Mengran Li will give his research presentation for Assistant Professor within the Energy Area of Advance. Welcome!​​​​

Mengran LiWHO: Mengran Li
​WHEN: 24 May, 09:30–10:20
WHERE: Café Ooto, Room 4, Guldhuset, Johanneberg Science Park, Sven Hultins gata 1-2, Chalmers Campus Johanneberg.

Electrochemical energy conversion is one of the promising routes to address the grand challenges in electricity generation and decarbonization. However, most electrochemical processes face critical challenges in improving energy efficiency, product selectivity, and system stability. In this talk, I will present my research on addressing these challenges for solid oxide fuel cells and CO2 electrolysis.

First, I will discuss my findings in developing perovskites as cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells operating at below 500 °C. Using a combined experimental and theoretical approach, we uncovered the key role of the dopants in determining the activity of the perovskite oxides by affecting their neighbouring active metal centres such as cobalt ions. Based on this finding, we show the possibility to predict the oxygen vacancies and activity of the perovskites via machine learning techniques.

In the second topic, I will share my recent work in achieving selective CO2 electrolysis via modulating the catalyst morphology and surface chemistry, optimising electrode structures and wettability, and tailoring the electrolyte chemistry. In addition, this talk will also show the importance of reactor design and process intensification to address the critical challenges faced by this field.

Lastly, I will conclude with my future research directions and discuss potential synergy with research groups at the Chalmers University of Technology.

Contact: Tomas Kåberger​, Director, Energy Area of Advance. 
Sonia Yeh​, Co-Director, Energy Area of Advance. ​
Category Seminar
Location: OOTO Café, café, Sven Hultins Plats 2, Johanneberg Science Park 2
Starts: 24 May, 2022, 09:30
Ends: 24 May, 2022, 10:20

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