Reactions at the electrochemical interface of water oxidation electrocatalysts and aqueous batteries

​Dr. Mikaela Görlin will give her research presentation for Assistant Professor within the Energy Area of Advance. Welcome!​​​

Mikaela GörlinWHO: Mikaela Görlin
​WHEN: 24 May, 08:30–09:20
WHERE: Café Ooto, Room 4, Guldhuset, Johanneberg Science Park, Sven Hultins gata 1-2, Chalmers Campus Johanneberg.

The need of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and driving decarbonization motivates the development of cost-competitive fuels and renewable energy technologies.
The oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is a key reaction in both metal-air batteries and production of hydrogen for fuel cells, as well as for electroreduction reactions into valuable fuels. Developing alternative battery technologies is also becoming more important as the demand of electric transportation steeply increases, as well for the need of stationary energy storage. Here we employ operando X-ray absorption and other spectroscopic techniques where we investigate fundamental processes at the electrochemical interface and glance into the mechanisms and charge compensation processes of these materials. 
We first look at redox processes during the catalytic water oxidation cycle in transition metal oxide electrocatalysts and discuss intermediates and general important design strategies. 
Then we move on to the rechargeable aqueous Zn-ion battery, where we examine electrochemical reactions and degradation processes currently limiting the cycle life. We demonstrate how fundamental insight into these complex systems are important for the design of electrocatalysts and charge storage materials for future energy systems.

Contact: Tomas Kåberger​, Director, Energy Area of Advance. 
Sonia Yeh​, Co-Director, Energy Area of Advance. ​

Category Seminar
Location: OOTO Café, café, Sven Hultins Plats 2, Johanneberg Science Park 2
Starts: 24 May, 2022, 08:30
Ends: 24 May, 2022, 09:20

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