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Doughnut of social and planetary boundries (2017), used in the preparations for a new area of advance.

Preparations for a new AoA will be intensified in the new year

​Starting in the new year, the preparation work for a new area of advance after Building Futures will be intensified. The working title for the project is Liveable cities, and it already involves several different departments and divisions.
From the beginning of January 2019 the preparation work for a new Area of Advance (AoA) with the working title Liveable Cities will be intensified. A working group of engaged researchers from, so far, the Departments Architecture and Civil Engineering, Technology Management and Economics, Space, Earth and Environment, and Mathematical Sciences will be involved in monthly workshops, to shape the content and activities for the proposed AoA. The members of the working group will also function as ambassadors. The work will be guided by two reference groups, one with internal and one with external stakeholders.

Planned activities are, among others, an open workshop during spring and an initiative seminar in the autumn. There will also be links to the VirtualCity@Chalmers project, the WSBE2020 conference, and the Master courses Dare2Built and Reality Studio.

For more information, please contact:
Liane Thuvander,, project leader.
Bernd Ketzler,, project coordinator.

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