Syntolkning: Anders Logg beskriver vindsimulering med VirtualCity@Chalmers för TV4-nyheterna
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From TV4 News Wednesday 14th November 2018.

Anders Logg on TV4 News: simulating wind conditions using VirtualCity@Chalmers

​Building Futures' Area of advance director Anders Logg was interviewed on the TV4 News on 14th November 2018, describing how buildings and other elements in city environments affect wind conditions, and also how simulation tools like VirtualCity@Chalmers can be used in the planning and building of good environments.
​Always tailwind? That would be appreciated by most of us, but is rarely experienced by anyone. Though, it has been acknowledged that wind conditions in city environments are affected by the placing and shaping of buildings and other elements, like trees and bushes, and bridges, etc. And since the wind conditions are affected by those elements, it is also possible to affect the wind conditions by designing the city environments, the constructing and placings, in such a way that the conditions become the best possible. 

By using the simulation tool VirtualCity@Chalmers, different alternatives can be simulated and evaluated in advance, helping city planners, architects, construction companies, and others involved, to shape good and liveable city environments. And not only regarding wind conditions, but also aspects like air quality, noise, flooding, traffic, and energy systems, etc.

Watch the clip from TV4 News, in which Anders Logg describes the influence on wind conditions of constructions and placings in city environments, and how using a simulation tool like VirtualCity@Chalmers can improve the conditions. (In Swedish.)

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