3D model – new tool for research communication

​Chalmers launches a new tool for research communication – a three-dimensional model of the Johanneberg campus with different visualisation films. The model was inaugurated on Wednesday May 31 to the sound of trumpet fanfares with many curious guests and an opening speech by Liane Thuvander from the Building Futures Area of Advance.
​Built in Plexiglas, the three-dimensional model of the Johanneberg campus is standing on a large screen. Thanks to screen lighting, the plexiglass can be illuminated and research linked to the campus can be visualised. The 3D model currently contains animations on transport, energy, and campus development.

   – This model is a great example of how you can make visible the invisible, explain complex phenomena, start discussions, or simply inspire, says Liane Thuvander, profile leader at the Building Futures Area of Advance as well as associate professort in Architecture, in her opening speech.

Other fields of research at Chalmers are now given the opportunity to develop the model by adding visualisations linked to the campus area in some way. The model can also help illustrate a concept or a theory linked to the field.

    – We’re also looking at solutions that can enable students and others to make their own animations, says Jenny Forshufvud, Project Manager of the 3D model at Chalmers.

Chalmers has, for some time, worked on developing possibilities to use the campus areas as arenas for tests and demonstrations. The ambition of the Five Star Campus initiative is to better utilise campus areas for research communication in various ways.

Boid, a company closely linked to Chalmers production design and one of the companies located in the Johanneberg Science Park, has built the model. The creation of the model has also involved Chalmersfastigheter, Akademiska Hus, and Johanneberg Science Park that all work with developing the area.

The model is mobile and can be used by everyone at Chalmers at, for example, conferences, fairs, or study visits.

Are you curious? Come and test the 3D model at the entrance to Johanneberg Science Park, or contact Jenny Forshufvud.

For more information:  www.chalmers.se/holomap

Jenny Forshufvud, Energy Area of Advance Chalmers and programme manager Five Star Campus

Published: Thu 01 Jun 2017.