Mentoring program for female senior researchers

As part of Chalmers gender equality initiative, Transport Area of Advance offers a mentoring program for senior, female researchers. The purpose is to utilize existing expertise within the organization and increase the proportion of women in leading academic positions in fields relevant to the Area of Advance. The program is intended for researchers with a doctoral or docent degree and permanent position, and for assistant professors with “tenure track”.

The program runs for twelve months and includes monthly meetings with mentee and mentor, as well as three group meetings with discussions on relevant topics. The director and co-director of Transport Area of Advance will be mentors of the program.

Criteria for applicants 2019

Researcher with a doctoral or docent degree and permanent position, or assistant professor with “tenure track” at Chalmers University of Technology.

The application must be submitted by 15 April 2019, to, and contain the following:
1. CV and publication list
2. Reason for participation in the program (maximum of two A4 pages).

The application must contain a statement of the applicant’s expectations of the program, how the program will strengthen the applicant’s position at Chalmers and the opportunity for development within the Chalmers organization.

The number of places is limited to four. If more than four people apply, the applications will be prioritized by the Board of Transport Area of Advance. The principle for prioritization is to obtain a balance between departments and research areas. If necessary, decisions will be made by drawing lots as the last step.

For questions concerning the program and/or the application procedure, please contact Director Sinisa Krajnovic,

Welcome with your application!​

Page manager Published: Mon 11 Mar 2019.