Stefan Bengtsson, Chalmers President, Mats Moberg, Senior Vice President R&D Volvo Cars
​Chalmers' President Stefan Bengtsson and Mats Moberg, Senior Vice President R&D at Volvo Cars. Photo: Erik Axén, Volvo Cars​​

Volvo Cars and Chalmers renewed agreement

​Chalmers and Volvo Cars have a longstanding and well working collaboration in education, research and development. In June, the collaboration agreement was renewed for another three years.
The new agreement – signed by Chalmers' President Stefan Bengtsson and Mats Moberg, Senior Vice President Research &Development at Volvo Cars – implies that Volvo Cars continues to be one of Chalmers so-called strategic partners. The strategic partnerships are characterized by extensive research collaborations, joint educational initiatives, and a diversity in collaboration across Chalmers research disciplines as well as focus on highlighted topics (read more about the strategic partnerships here).

"Chalmers takes an exceptional position"

The academy is central for Volvo Cars, and will remain so in the future, says Mats Moberg:
 “For our provision of competence through excellent educational programmes, for the present through lifelong learning, and for our future development as a company with knowledge through collaborations in research and innovation. As a university, Chalmers takes an exceptional position as our main collaboration partner in all these areas”, he says, and continues:
“We collaborate in student thesis projects, courses and educational programmes. Volvo and Chalmers work together in international projects, from the United States in the west to China in the east, and 60 percent of our industrial PhD students in Volvo Cars Industrial PhD Program – VIPP, which we established in 1999 – are now enrolled at Chalmers.”

The great collaboration is not only due to the fact that Chalmers is close to Volvo Cars head office as the company is global, Mats Moberg points out.
“It is simply because Chalmers offers both excellency and relevance in collaboration forms that have worked splendidly and enduring over the years.”

Major and rapid changes in the transport system

The first partnership agreement was signed with Volvo Cars back in 2013. The company is today one of Chalmers’ largest strategic partners, says Sinisa Krajnovic, Director of Chalmers Transport Area of Advance. The renewal of the agreement means an opportunity to further develop the partnership.
“We are in a time period with major and rapid changes in the transport system, including new technologies and mobility behaviors. The collaboration with Volvo Cars gives us an expanded opportunity to develop our research and education, and our utilization within the transport system, making us even more able to contribute to the development of sustainable, road-safe and efficient transport.”

For Chalmers, the strategic partnerships are a tool for updating research and education, ensuring the research to be conducted at the forefront, as well as offering education to the very best future engineers. Through the partnerships, strategies are synchronized and the parties also have the opportunity to build joint infrastructures and test beds that would not have been possible without continuous dialogue.
“In my opinion, the Areas of Advance have an important role to play in coordinating, as hosts of the partnerships”, says Sinisa Krajnovic.

Electrification and automation important areas

Chalmers and Volvo Cars already have a multitude of joint investments in research infrastructures, competence centers and research projects.
“We also look forward to working together in the new, big investment in electromobility research, SEEL – Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory – where Volvo Cars plays an important part. Electrification is an important area of collaboration for both Chalmers and Volvo Cars, as well as automation”, says Sinisa Krajnovic.

And Mats Moberg agrees:
“The renewal of our agreement is a confirmation of our mutual ambition to further sharpen our collaboration. This to continue towards added excellency, and to continue our work towards our goal of a sustainable, safe and personal mobility, but also to be leading in electrification, autonomous drive and digitalization.”

The renewed agreement is for three years, and automatically extended for another two years thereafter.

Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: Erik Axén, Volvo Cars

Page manager Published: Mon 29 Jun 2020.