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Volvo and Chalmers organize a conference on future transport

​Chalmers is hosting this year and will take place on September 11-13. Future transport is the theme, what happens more?

Who are gathered?
It is the Volvo Group's academic partners, where Chalmers is one of five selected universities. The others are Penn State University in the United States, INSA Lyon in France and Mälardalen and Skövde universities in Sweden. Together with the representatives from AB Volvo, we become about 50 participants in total.

Can you tell us about the 3-days programme?
The aim is to develop common research ideas on the theme of "conversion to future transport". The focus is on new fuels, autonomous transport and digitalized production. One session is about developing ideas for new industrial student projects. In addition to workshops, there will also be study visits to AstaZero and the Volvo Bus Experience Center. On the third day we will meet with Chalmers initiative seminar on electric mobility.

What does such cooperation mean for Chalmers?
Chalmers has a strong tradition of cooperating with industry. In analyses that measure research collaboration with industry, such as CWTS Leiden's ranking, Chalmers is recurring among the top ten in the world. This conference is another concrete proof of how we connect researchers and students with industry needs to meet societal challenges. The projects include, for example, sustainable transport systems and road safety.

What do you hope it will give the participants?
We hope that the conference will strengthen the already good cooperation between the Volvo Group and their academic partners as well as inspire new research projects and student collaborations that can contribute to sustainable transport in the future.

Chalmers has been collaborating on student projects with Penn State University for many years. Can you tell us more about it?
The projects are collaborative at BSc level between Chalmers, the Volvo Group and Penn State University. Volvo contributes to project proposals with questions they want help with, after which student groups consisting of three students from each college and a supervisor at each university will collaborate via Skype during spring term to handle the issues and propose solutions. Towards the end of the semester, students write a joint project report. The Volvo Group has so far contributed with funding so that the two previous student groups were able to visit each other and listen to project presentations at the end of spring. It is much appreciated.

Text: Nina Silow
Photo: Carina Schultz

Published: Sun 02 Sep 2018. Modified: Tue 04 Sep 2018