Sonia Yeh appointed Adlerbertska visiting professor

Chalmers is pleased to appoint Dr Sonia Yeh to Adlerbertska visiting professor 2015-2016. Dr Yeh's current affiliation is Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California and her host institution during her stay at Chalmers will be the division for Physical Resource Theory at the Department of Energy and Environment. Dr Yeh will collaborate with Chalmers Transport and Energy Areas of Advance and with research groups at Chalmers within Urban Futures.
– I am very honored and grateful to be appointed Adlerbertska visiting professor. It is my goal and my dream to study energy and environmental issues and use what I learn to improve the sustainability of our daily lives around the world. Over the last seven years since I joined the University of California at Davis, I have researched environmental impacts of energy use around the world, contributed to California’s energy and climate policies and collaborated with colleagues including several exceptional colleagues at Chalmers University. I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to have closer ties with my colleagues at Chalmers University and collaborate on a few particular projects in much greater depth, says Sonia Yeh.
Collaboration areas
The major collaboration area is to develop and lead critical research in mobility and sustainability, in particular the applications of information and communication technology (ICT), and sustainable transportation energy.
 Innovative mobility solutions have started to appear during the last years and the area is attracting the attention of the car industry as well as policy makers. One of the more established ones is car-sharing that has been around for a few decades. The advent of ICT and social media has opened for other solutions such ride-sharing and alternative forms of taxi such as Uber and Lyft that are sweeping across US and Europe and Asian markets including India, where services include not just private vehicles but also two wheelers and auto-rickshaws. Crowd sourcing traffic data in cities by Google (Google Traffic) and Nokia (Nokia Here) is being offered to help drivers reduce congestion, which can significantly improve air quality, especially in many places where air quality levels are more than 2 times higher than the healthy level deemed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and reducing congestion (and fuel quality) are the two most effective ways of improving air quality. Gothenburg has tried out a mobility service for households, offering a customized mobility for households including public transportation, car-sharing, bike-sharing, electric vehicles and taxi services. The promise of the new solutions is that they will enhance mobility as well reducing motor vehicle use. However there is a lack of assessment of these solutions. This is the first area that we want to focus on.
The second area of collaboration is to study sustainability impacts of large-scale fuel production, including fossil fuels, and alternative fuels especially biofuels, and policy tools to mitigate the potential unintended consequences and harmonize environmental benefits.
Chalmers have many experts and exciting opportunities to collaborate on these important research areas.
Sonia Yeh is also looking forward to the cultural aspect of living in Sweden.
 I am very excited to have the opportunity to bring my family, especially my kids who were raised in California, to experience a different culture, learn a different language, and expose them to the landscape and hospitality of this country.

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