Volvo and Chalmers signing the renewed agreement

Renewed agreement between Volvo and Chalmers

Chalmers and Volvo Group have renewed their partner agreement until the end of 2021. The partnership entails cooperation both in research and education. “An extremely important partnership,” says Stefan Bengtsson, President at Chalmers.​
The renewed agreement, which states that Volvo Group will continue to be one of Chalmers’ so-called strategic partners, was celebrated with a ceremony on October 9. This marks the continuation of a long-term cooperation that was started back in 2009.
Significant for a strategic partnership is – among other things – an extensive collaboration in research, expanded job opportunities for recently graduated Chalmers alumni, a diversity in collaboration over Chalmers different research disciplines, as well as focus on highlighted topics of interest.
“For us, the partnership with Volvo Group is extremely important. Chalmers strives for highest possible quality in both education and research, but that is not enough – we must also collaborate with both industry and society as a whole. Collaborations make us better and give us relevance”, says Stefan Bengtsson.
“Volvo is a very important partner, perhaps the most important one. We have extensive cooperations of great significance.”

Long-term collaboration
In 2009, Volvo Group started the programme VG APP, Volvo Group Academic Partner Program. Within this framework, the company currently has nine partner universities around the world.
“VG APP is a strategic and long-term Volvo Group initiative, and consists of three modules: Research, Talent and Learning. We see the word partner as significant. A partnership entails building a long-term relationship that benefit both, and where we can both grow together”, says Lars Stenqvist, Executive Vice President Volvo Group Trucks Technology, and continues:
“Chalmers has an exclusive position within Volvo Group, as it is one of only two universities with which we work within all three modules of the VG APP.”

The collaboration between Chalmers and Volvo Group has, over the years, led to a large number of national as well as international research projects, which in turn have resulted in a multitude of scientific publications. The partnership has also entailed joint doctoral students, guest lectures, development of competence and projects for students; including both thesis projects and international student projects. In the new agreement, three areas of cooperation have been identified: Traffic Safety and Vehicle Automation, Future Energy Efficiency, and Materials and Manufacturing.

With Gothenburg as a joint base
Lars Stenqvist points out recruitment and continued education are prioritised areas for Volvo Group.
“Simply put: for us, the partnership with Chalmers means closer access to researchers, while at the same time being able to actively participate in the design of education to ensure the supply of competence in the form of both new recruitments and further education.”

The fact that Chalmers is located in Gothenburg, just like Volvo Group’s head office, gives the collaboration even more weight.
“Gothenburg is the “mother ship” within Volvo Group and thus Chalmers is our most important partner”, Lars Stenqvist concludes.

Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: Johan Bodell

Published: Mon 14 Oct 2019.