New Director of Transport Area of Advance appointed

​Balázs Kulcsár, professor at Chalmers Department of Electrical Engineering, has been appointed new Director of Transport Area of Advance as of 1 April 2022. He is succeeding Sinisa Krajnovic whose directorship runs out after a total of six years.
Balázs Kulcsár was recruited to Chalmers as an assistant professor within Transport Area of Advance in 2011.

 “He has since been active in the Area of Advance and committed to its development. He has a clear view of academia’s role and challenges in supporting future transport solutions. The decision means that the Transport Area of Advance will have a new director with strong roots in the faculty, international experience and a holistic view of transport systems", says Anders Palmqvist, Vice President for Research and Chalmers' Area of Advance.

Intelligent transport systems of the future

Balázs Kulcsár is in the research group Automatic Control at the Department of Electrical Engineering. His research mainly focuses on design of intelligent transport systems, modeling of traffic flows and traffic network modeling and control (management). His projects are contributing to developing future transportation systems from a holistic point of view. He has international experience from being a postdoc in the USA and the Netherlands.

What made you apply?

“Applying for the directorship is a natural way for me to reciprocate what I have gained from the Transport Area of Advance and I take it on with a strong sense of responsibility. I was the very first assistant professor recruited from abroad to Chalmers’ Transport Area of Advance. Over these more than ten years, I have really enjoyed growing up in, and contributing, to the Transport Area of Advance. The mentorship, the internal and external networks and the leadership have all been very valuable“, says Balázs Kulcsár.

What experiences will you bring?

“Firstly, I know well from my own experience how it is to be a researcher within the Transport Area of Advance and what research support means. Secondly, since I first arrived at Chalmers, I have experienced how vital it is to belong to this kind of strong network that embraces researchers with connected interests. This is a message I have emphasized in different national and international forums and through research, teaching and evaluations. With my experiences, I believe I can continue to contribute to the Transport Area of Advance but now at different level.”

What opportunities and priorities do you see going forward?

“I have many ideas on how to continue to develop the Area of Advance. One important thing to note is that transportation research currently is witnessing a paradigm shift. Transportation is becoming a sustainable mobility service requiring the synergy of complex research profiles. This, more than ever, requires a strong network of collaborative researchers,” says Balázs.

“Taking a wider perspective, transport research projects contribute to Chalmers’ excellence in Sweden and internationally. Inspiring our researchers to reach higher and higher with funding from Transport Area of Advance while introducing them to the mobility service concept is my aim. Hopefully my journey can serve as an inspiration to other researchers.”

What is your view on collaboration with other Areas of Advance?

“Research trends call for more and more interdisciplinarity approaches. This is true for transportation sciences as well, where the vehicle is considered a central part of a mobility service. However, it is not the only part of the service. Therefore, I hope to collaborate with other Areas of Advance to create quality-oriented research in the transportation themes covered by the Area of Advance and to add value to each other.”

“Additionally, to continue building strong strategic partnerships outside Chalmers is vital to reach our objectives”, says Balázs Kulcsár.

Page manager Published: Mon 07 Mar 2022.