Global sustainability goals

Link to the sustainability goals with new web tool

​How does your research relate to the UN sustainable development goals? Is your impact positive, neutral – or even negative? The new assessment web tool helps you reflect on, and improve, your project’s sustainability impact.
Connecting education and research to the UN sustainable development goals is becoming increasingly important for Chalmers, as well as for other universities. An increasing number of research funders are also demanding information about a project’s link to the goals in their calls, and collaboration partners place more and more emphasis on sustainability.

But it is not always easy to map out how, and in what way, one’s work relates to the 17 goals. Therefore, Gothenburg’s Centre for Sustainable Development, GMV, has now developed a tool called SDG Impact Assessment Tool.
“The it tool guides you to reflect on how to connect to the goals. It is open for use by everyone, and you can use it on your own,” says Maria Djupström, Chalmers’ Sustainability Strategist, who has been involved in developing the tool.

SDG Impact Assessment Tool bases the mapping on the aspects of your individual project – whether it’s a research or an educational one – and helps you to identify needs and potentials. Which goals do your project strengthen? Does your project counteract some of the goals?
“You also get an insight into today’s society, current legislation for example, and can see what you need to improve. Furthermore, the results can give ideas to possible future research – where do we need to strengthen our research in order to meet the sustainability goals?” says Maria Djupström.
“The tool is self-instructing, but you can also get help from GMV, for example. One of the intentions is to be able to better complement research applications with information on links to global goals.”

Transport Area of Advance was planning a lunch seminar with Maria Djupström and Innovation Advisor Pip Dragonetti on March 17. During the seminar, the tool was to be presented, both for content and practical use, and participants given the opportunity to ask their own questions and discuss issues. This seminar was cancelled due to the Corona outbreak. A new date will be set further ahead!

Note: GMV is a centre for collaboration between Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.

Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Page manager Published: Tue 17 Mar 2020.