ElectriCity leads the way forward

​Fully electrified bus traffic on several routes, procurements of a record number of electric buses, indoor bus stops and countless tests. But also a broader focus on, among other things, the electrification of ferries and construction sites, air quality and urban planning. These are some of the results from the ElectriCity collaboration.
In the early summer of 2015, a fleet of electric buses started to operate Line 55 between Lindholmen and Johanneberg, the two Chalmers campuses. The line was, and still is, a part of ElectriCity, a collaborative project of the private sector, academia and public agencies. The role of Chalmers is to supply research expertise in this project, aimed at ensuring low air and noise pollution.

Since 2015, much has happened. What began in tests of electrified bus traffic on a limited scale within a demo arena has developed into fully electrified bus lines and Europe's largest procurement of electric buses. At the same time, the number of partners has increased, with ABB and Transdev being the latest additions. But not least, the number of demo arenas has increased, just like the efforts on developing more initiatives connected to the cleaner and quieter electrification.

Important results and ongoing activities 

Route 55: The operation of the demonstration arena has been extended and new buses are being tested on the route. 
Route EL16: New fully electric high-capacity buses for extra services on route 16. 
Fast charging stations with a high power output for routes with high levels of traffic. 
New indoor and outdoor test bus stops designed for the quieter and cleaner electric buses. 
More satisfied passengers and drivers due to the electrified buses. 
Functioning geofencing/zone management for route 55 and route EL16. 
A digital platform where initial ideas for products and services have been developed. 
A marine demonstration arena for testing the electric operation of commuter ferries is under development. 

To read more about the project, go to the ElectriCity website, where you can also find the new status report for 2020.

Page manager Published: Mon 31 Aug 2020.