Michael Browne

Collaboration between universities strengthens transport research

​Transport and logistics research will benefit from extended collaboration between Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, according to Michael Browne. He is the new profile coordinator of Transport Efficiency and Customer Adapted Logistics within Chalmers Area of Advance Transport.
​“Research that contributes to transport system improvements to enable efficient and long-term sustainable transport and customer adapted logistics is very important and is something that should be addressed by researchers from different disciplines”, says Michael Browne.

With a background from University of Westminster in London, Michael Browne is full professor in logistics and urban freight at University of Gothenburg since 2015. During the past 10-15 years his research has increasingly focused on urban freight and logistics.

“Most of my research has considered the interaction between public policies and business decisions”, he says. “I am particularly interested in the way that research can influence public policy and organizational behavior.”

As profile coordinator Michael Browne wants to play a part in continuing and extending the collaboration between University of Gothenburg and Chalmers building on the work of Dan Andersson, previous profile coordinator. He points out that there are already many areas where the two universities collaborate very well, and takes autonomous transport as an example of a field where technology, engineering and social sciences benefit from working together.

“The transition to future transport provides many challenges and is an opportunity for researchers to work together on providing insights and potential solutions”, he says. “Combining our expertise in fields including psychology, geography, urban form, technology developments and logistics opens many possibilities.”

Sinisa Krajnovic, Director of Area of Advance Transport, welcomes the strengthened connection between the universities.

“Chalmers and University of Gothenburg need to increase their cooperation in the field of transport in order to meet the interdisciplinary challenges of society and industry. My hope is that Professor Browne will help us to cross borders between two universities and that this will lead to more joint projects and activities.”

Text and photo: Emilia Lundgren

Page manager Published: Wed 20 Dec 2017.