Call for transport research projects

​Transport AoA is now presenting a new call for project proposals. The call is aimed at researchers at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg, and for projects in 2021-2022.

Three challenges have been formulated by the management team of Transport Area of Advance: Increasing efficiency in transport and logistics, increasing transport safety, and achieving a fossil-free transport system.

Based on these three challenges, the AoA is now welcoming project proposals that focus on:
• the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness in transport and logistics while not increasing transport demand
• the improvement of energy efficiency of vehicles and vessels as well as in the transport and logistics system
• the achievement of a more resilient transport and logistics system
• the protection of vulnerable road users
• the achievement of transport safety related to automated and/or electrified passenger and freight transport 
• the development and increased use of close to zero emission vehicles and vessels (considering emission in a broad sense including GHGs, NOx, PM, noise etc)
• the contribution of transport and logistics to improved circular material flows

A full text version of this call, with more information on how to apply as well as templates for applying, is distributed to researcher connected to the AoA via email early in week 15. For further questions concerning the call, please contact your respective profile leader/leaders. Applications should be sent in no later than May 11.

Profile leader, Sustainable Vehicle Technologies: Selma Brynolf
Profile leaders, Transport Efficiency and Customer Adapted Logistics (TECAL): Mats Johansson and Michael Browne
Profile leader, Traffic Safety: Magnus Granström​

Published: Mon 06 Apr 2020.