Volvo Group and Chalmers in a long and broad collaboration

Stretching over more than a decade, the strategic partnership with Volvo Group is one of Chalmers’ most long-lasting. The parties have extensive collaborations, in research as well as education.

Volvo Group has been described as one of Chalmers’ most important partners. The opposite is also true as the collaboration with Chalmers is of great value to Volvo. Over the years, the partnership has led to a large number of national and international research projects, some of them together with parties in India and China. The partnership also spans collaborations in, for example, joint doctoral students, guest lectures and competence development.

Volvo Group gives input to the development of Chalmers Bachelor’s programmes, and also to thesis projects and international student projects. For example, bachelor theses are offered in collaboration between Volvo Group, Chalmers and Penn State University, USA, every spring since 2015. Work is underway to define further collaborations, with universities in additional countries. Volvo Group also has international master's students.

In 2009, Volvo Group started the internal programme VG APP, Volvo Group Academic Partner Program. The programme consists of three modules; Research, Talent and Learning. Chalmers collaborates with Volvo Group within the framework of VG APP, and as one of only two universities in all three modules.

For Volvo Group, the strategic partnership entails access to researchers and the opportunity to provide active input to the educational programmes, thereby securing future competence provisioning. Volvo employees also, to some extent, have the possibility to further develop their competence in collaboration with Chalmers.

The strategic partnership agreement was renewed in 2021 for another three years. Electrification and hydrogen, automation, digitalization, traffic safety and circularity are areas that will be in focus during the period.

Chalmers and Volvo Group collaborate in centers such as SAFER, Revere – Resource for Vehicle Research, and in Chalmers’ AI initiative CHAIR. Furthermore, the parties have joint research projects linked to research infrastructures such as AstaZero and the upcoming laboratory SEEL.

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Page manager Published: Mon 10 Jan 2022.