Stong collaboration between Chalmers and Volvo Cars

Structure, strength and a collaboration for ground-breaking efforts. This is how the strategic partnership between Chalmers and Volvo Cars is best described. The partnership agreement was first signed in 2013.

Chalmers and Volvo Cars have a well-functioning strategic partnership that includes collaborations in both research and education. But that’s not all. The partnership allows the parties to meet future challenges jointly, taking out directions together in strategic dialogue.

Twice a year, representatives from Volvo Cars’ top level management meet with Chalmers’ President to discuss joint priorities. A steering group meets every third month, and in between, coordination meetings are held. This way, cooperation between the parties is built at all levels. Through the partnership, collaboration is also expanded; more departments, divisions, centres and individuals are involved, and new investments – such as Chalmers’ investment in the AI centre CHAIR – can readily be incorporated in everyday activities.

Together, Volvo Cars and Chalmers update future educational programmes. Volvo Cars highlights future competence needs, and the courses are continuously developed. As a result, Chalmers is able to educate students with in-demand knowledge. Last-year students are often offered to do thesis projects at Volvo Cars, also giving Volvo Cars the opportunity to present the company. Many students are then recruited after graduation, as Volvo Cars view a constant influx of new competence as a necessity, and the Chalmers students as very well prepared. The educational collaboration also spans abroad, as Chalmers and Volvo Cars collaborate with UC Berkeley in the USA.

Research is an important part of the partnership. Focus lies on strengthened competitiveness and reduce climate impact, among other things. Research collaborations that would otherwise have been difficult to establish are built up. Approximately 30 industrial doctoral students, of which about half are located in Chalmers’ premises, are constantly working on various projects. The partnership also offers the opportunity for staff mobility, which entail Chalmers researchers working part of their time on site at Volvo Cars.

The strength that the company and the university jointly possess is valuable when it comes to, for example, EU project applications. An example of successful collaboration is the Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory, SEEL, which is made real thanks to the power of the partnership.

Volvo Cars collaborates with several universities. But the partnership with Chalmers is much more extensive, and Chalmers is thus the most important academic partner.

In June 2020, the partnership between Chalmers and Volvo Cars was renewed. Future joint research areas include electrification and automation.

Page manager Published: Wed 03 Nov 2021.