CEVT and Chalmers: A broad collaboration

Research, recruitment and education. These are all focus areas for CEVT’s partnership with Chalmers. The partnership has developed at a rapid pace; as has the company, which has grown substantially in a short period of time.

Chalmers and CEVT began their strategic partnership in 2018. At that time, CEVT was a relatively newly started company that had been started to develop automotive platforms and cars. The partnership therefore became important in a development phase, and following the company’s initial endeavors have been rewarding also for Chalmers. Today, CEVT is developing innovative automotive solutions.

The strategic partnership includes several key elements, as the partners have joint projects in research as well as education and recruitment. Collaboration at all levels, from management to the individual projects, annual activity plans and joint strategic considerations ensure an active and rewarding interaction and highlight the importance of the partnership for both university and company.

CEVT continuously need to recruit, and therefore wants to connect with Chalmers’ students in order to fill vacancies and summer jobs, as well as create thesis projects. Chalmers’ students are perceived as well prepared and excellent at applying their knowledges. This makes them valuable to the industry. Recently, CEVT has also begun to take an interest in involvement in Chalmers’ international student collaborations.

Joint research projects are the core focus of the partnership, and the partners have started joint industrial doctoral projects. Chalmers and CEVT collaborate in powertrain and vehicle development projects, and plan to start two to four industrial doctoral projects each year, as Chalmers’ competence in supporting these projects is appreciated by CEVT. Going forward, AI and machine learning are seen as important research areas. CEVT is also, through the partnership, connected to the traffic safety centre SAFER, and to Chalmers’ AI centre CHAIR.

New knowledge is gained at both Chalmers and CEVT through the industrial doctoral students. The company is also raising the level of knowledge within the organisation as the connection with academy is highlighted. Staff mobility, for example Chalmers’ researchers working part of their time at CEVT, is also becoming an increasingly important part of the collaboration.

Page manager Published: Mon 14 Dec 2020.