Workshop: SEEL, Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory

​​Welcome to a Zoom workshop discussing the Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory, SEEL, and how Areas of Advance can contribute to research in connection to the lab. 

Area of Advance Transport and Area of Advance Energy plan to financially support good ideas in connection to SEEL. In addition to that support, the coming research proposition from the government will very probably contain different types of investments in electromobility.

SEEL is a comprehensive investment in a testbed for electric and charging vehicles. The corporation Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory AB is founded by Chalmers University of Technology and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), and a wide range of players will operate within the SEEL testbed.

Please note that this workshop is only for Chalmers researchers!

Register here.​ A link to the Zoom workshop will be sent out on the day before the event.We would therefore like you to register on November 12, 15.00 at the latest.


09:00 Welcome and introduction to the workshop, Maria Grahn, Director of Energy Area of Advance, Sinisa Krajnovic, Director of Transport Area of Advance 

09:15 Latest updates of SEEL and possibilities for research collaboration within the large network IPCEI (including time for questions), Per Lövsund, Chalmers coordinator for SEEL, Henrik Svenningstorp, project manager SEEL, RISE, Martin Gustavsson, Research coordinator SEEL, RISE, and Jörgen Sjöberg, Chalmers

10:05 Workshop introduction

10:15 Part 1: What is important to make the lab attractive to Chalmers employees? Are there any barriers?

10:35 Summary from the discussions

10:55 Short break, coffee refill etc.

11:05 Part 2: Identify interesting research questions connected to the lab. You will be able to choose group connected to the specific labs within SEEL you are interested in.

11.25 Summary from the discussions

11:45 Summary of the workshop, Sinisa Krajnovic, Director of Transport Area of Advance, Maria Grahn, Director of Energy Area of Advance 

12:00 End of workshop
Please note that this workshop is for Chalmers researchers only.
Category Workshop
Location: Zoom
Starts: 13 November, 2020, 09:00
Ends: 13 November, 2020, 12:00

Published: Thu 12 Nov 2020.