Lunch seminar / webinar: Outcome of the UN Conference on road safety and the Stockholm Declaration

How can we in the research community together utilize the opportunities 
that come with the UN Conference and the Stockholm Declaration?

In February, Sweden hosted the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety. The UN conference gathered about 1,700 delegates from 140 countries. Among these were a large number of ministerial delegations as well as representatives from industry, research organisations, NGOs and others.
In addition to the exchange of knowledge and experience, the conference resulted in the Stockholm Declaration, a strategic agenda and recommendations to achieve the global sustainability goals and halve the number of fatalities in traffic between 2020 and 2030. Chalmers AoA Transport and SAFER see a great opportunity to take advantages of our joint strengths to both contribute to the global sustainability goals and to be inspired and guided in our research to meet common challenges. 

As a step to maximizing the collective and individual opportunities, we will carry out a number of activities and projects to initiate a strategic work. The first activity will be this open seminar together with partners and funding bodies where the Swedish Transport Administration presents the outcome from the UN conference and the Stockholm Declaration. We then plan to analyse gaps between our current research agenda and the new recommendations and goals. This analysis will inspire a discussion together with different stakeholders to identify needs and opportunities to carry out relevant research and other activities.

We also plan for more activities during the autumn, including further seminars, project creation activities and workshops, among other things during FFI's results conference in September. More information to follow later!


1. Welcome and introduction
Introduction to the webinar, including a presentation of the initiative and strategic planning ahead, by Sinisa Krajnovic, Director Area of Advance Transport

2. Summary of the 3rd global ministerial conference on road safety
Maria Krafft, Traffic Safety Director at the Swedish Transport Administration, presents the most important outcomes and her reflections

3. Saving lives beyond 2020 – the next steps
The nine recommendations developed by the academic expert group will be presented from a research perspective by Claes Tingvall, Adj Prof at Chalmers and head of the academic expert group

4. Research challenges and recommendations to the traffic safety research community
Claes and Maria will together present their thoughts on how we together can address the new targets and recommendations together with the financiers from e.g. Vinnova

5. Summary
Conclusions and questions moderated by Magnus Granström, Director at SAFER

Please register (on May 3 at the latest) and send in your questions in advance to help us to prepare the seminar to get the right focus.



Feel free to contact the Transport AoA Communications officer Mia Malmstedt​ if you have any questions about how to join this meeting.


Category Seminar
Location: Zoom
Starts: 06 May, 2020, 12:00
Ends: 06 May, 2020, 13:15

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