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​This is the first webinar of three, to follow up the Stockholm Declaration and the nine recommendations Saving lives beyond 2020 - the next steps. The aim is to create understanding and identify possible research questions and projects. The webinars are arranged in collaboration with traffic safety centre SAFER.


From a Swedish perspective, the Stockholm declaration is very much a matter of successfully implementing technologies and policies, based on existing research in an effective way – to really achieve the desired effects. Recommendation # 9 Technology is probably the recommendation closest to our current research.

In order to quickly and equitably realize the potential benefits of emerging technologies to road safety, including, but not limited to, sensory devices, connectivity methods and artificial intelligence, the Academic Expert Group recommends that corporations and governments incentivize the development, application and deployment of existing and future technologies to improve all aspects of road safety from crash prevention to emergency response and trauma care, with special attention given to the safety needs and social, economic and environmental conditions of low- and middle-income nations.

But what kind of technology should be used and what driving forces for development are there? What role does for example the connectivity and geofencing play? Technology transfer from e.g. cars to motorbikes and bicycles, and between different parts of the world, are other interesting perspectives; how can we make this happen? How can we make the most out of what we already do and which are the new research questions we can contribute for this recommendation, e.g. linked to geofencing, which is mentioned as an example? Scientific based decisions are needed, how can we contribute and support? These are questions discussed in this seminar.


• Prof. Claes Tingvall, Chalmers University of Technology and Chairman of the Academic expert group
• Prof. Shaw Voon Wong, University Putra and member of the Academic Expert Group
• PhD. Cecilia Sunnevång, Vice President Research, Autoliv

Background to the three webinars:

In February 2020, Sweden hosted the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety. The UN conference gathered about 1,700 delegates from 140 countries. In addition to the exchange of knowledge and experience, the conference resulted in The Stockholm Declaration, a strategic agenda and recommendations to achieve the global sustainability goals by 2030 and halve the number of fatalities in traffic between 2020 and 2030.

At SAFER and Chalmers Area of Advance Transport, we now together see a great opportunity to take advantages of each other’s strengths to both contribute to the global sustainability goals and be inspired and guided in our research.

As a next step to maximizing our collective and individual opportunities, a webinar series will be held, comprising three sessions to get an even deeper understanding of the recommendations in order to utilize the outcome and initiate the strategic work. In the webinars the members of the Academic Expert Group that developed the concepts behind the Stockholm Declaration and the recommendations in Saving lives beyond 2020 – the next steps will present their strategic thoughts behind the recommendations and some ideas on how we together can take on the common challenges.

Category Seminar
Location: Online, Teams
Starts: 19 January, 2021, 09:30
Ends: 19 January, 2021, 10:45

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