Where are we going? Trends and research directions in transports

Initiative Seminar 2021

Registration is now open for this initiative seminar, with the title Where are we going? Trends and research directions in transports!

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One could argue that transport is not just transport anymore.
Today we look at transport in a new way: As embedded in various contexts and systems. New transport solutions are key to achieving sustainable personal mobility and freight transport, in a new – and safe – urban society. Technical development for shared and/or autonomous transports and sustainable fuels are moving fast. At the same time, e-commerce has grown dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic, and new transport and logistics solutions in the value chain are in demand.
The boundaries between different research areas are also beginning to blur. We are seeing an increased interdisciplinary approach, where transport issues are integrated with energy, urbanization and information technology issues.  In Gothenburg, the Green City Zone is an example of that new way of looking at transport and urbanization.

These fast-growing trends spark new ideas, and needs for discussion and dialogue. Transport Area of Advance now arranges the initiative seminar Where are we going? Trends and research directions in transports on September 21. The day will be divided into five different parts with focus on dialogues and interaction.

• The role of hydrogen in the transport system​
• Active mobility
• Transport and urban development
• Horizontal collaboration for efficient and effective logistics and transport
• Safety in the value chain

Welcome to this initiative seminar! Because transport is not only about moving from A to B – it’s all about how we live our lives.

Page manager Published: Mon 14 Jun 2021.