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Spectral- and time-multiplexed continuous variable quantum networks

Välkommen till ett seminarium med Prof. Valentina Parigi, Sorbonne Université.


Evenemanget har passerat

Abstract: Spectral- and time- multiplexing are currently explored to generate large multipartite quantum states of light for quantum technologies. In the continuous variable approach, the deterministic generation of large entangled states demands the generation of a large number of squeezed modes. Non-linear waveguides can be exploited for the generation of multiplexed quantum states both at near infrared and telecommunication wavelength [1]. The system can be exploited for simulating quantum complex environments [2] and performing quantum routing protocols [3].

[1]T Kouadou, F Sansavini, et al.  arXiv: 2209.10678 
[2]P Renault et al. arXiv: 2302.12674
[3]F Centrone et al. arXiv: 2108.08176