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Roland Kádár IMS - befordransföreläsning för biträdande professor Reologi

Föreläsningens titel: Rheology and Processing of Soft Matter


Evenemanget har passerat
Roland Kadar

Roland Kádár är docent vid Konstruktionsmaterial, IMS och ger nu sin förläsning för befordran till biträdande professor.. 

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Polymers, gels, colloids, emulsions, liquid crystals, surfactants, adhesives, foams etc. are all examples of soft matter. The processing of soft matter into products typically involves rheologically complex fluids in complex flow configurations. Thus, understanding flow-field-matter/compositional interactions in relation to fundamental rheological properties is essential for obtaining products with favorable performance. In this framework, the four current pillars of our research are: 
(i) Dynamics of complex fluids perspective to materials science research, with the focus on pattern formation in flows; 
(ii) Field-filler interaction in nanostructured fluids, or in other words how to induced using field-structure interactions for optimal performance. This is a focus area of (ii). 
(iii) Multifunctional properties in (especially) nano-structured composites comes as a natural extension of (ii), since processing induced morphology is of paramount importance for the ultimate properties of materials; 
(iv) Advanced rheometry, refers to the application of advanced characterization techniques to applied material research problems. The seminar will comprise a very general overview of at least some of these activities.