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Emma Karlander och Ulrika Krüger presenterar sitt examensarbete

Titel: Concept development of a new modular center console for BEV interiors


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Program: Product Development, MPPDE
Examinator/handledare: Lars Almefelt, IMS
Opponenter: Wera Nilsson och Oline Haggren


This master thesis presents the design and development process of a modular center console for Volvo's future electric cars (BEVs), undertaken at Chalmers University of Technology in collaboration with Volvo Car Corporation. The evolving automotive industry and the rise of electric mobility creates a need to redefine the interior design of BEVs, including the center console. This thesis aims to enhance user experience and functionality within the BEV interior.

The project involved a comprehensive exploration of market trends, user requirements, and technical possibilities. Creative brainstorming sessions were conducted to generate innovative ideas for modular interfaces and modules, contributing to the development of a scalable and customizable center console. Through iterative development and stakeholder engagement, a final concept was refined to meet the demands of Volvo Cars and its customers. Utilizing CAD modeling and 3D printing techniques, the team was able to visualize and prototype the final concept in a 1:1 scale, ensuring accuracy and feasibility.

The outcome of this project exemplifies the successful integration of modular design principles, empowering customers to personalize their center console based on individual preferences and needs. Through this thesis, valuable insights and recommendations are provided to inform the future design and development of the center console