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Daniela Drvenica presenterar sitt examensarbete

Titel:Navigating Joint Venture Turbulence: Understanding the Effects on Employee Workload, Job Satisfaction and Motivation 


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Master program: Product Development, MPPDE
Institution: IMS
Examinator & Handledare: Johan Malmqvist (
Opponenter: Lukas Iloson och Robert Sugumaran


This thesis examines the impact of a joint venture (JV) on employees' workload, job satisfaction, and motivation in the case of Alpha. The automotive company Alpha Cars was sold to companies Delta and Beta in 2021, creating a JV called Gamma to reposition Alpha Cars in the market. Alpha Cars was previously an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) consisting of Alpha, the engineering entity, and Omega, the production entity. Omega joined the JV and Alpha took on a role as supporters to the JV and will be, once the competence and processes are stable within the JV, terminated. The research was conducted while being part of the project management team at Alpha, giving the opportunity to interact with multiple departments and gain a holistic understanding of the challenges faced within the organization.

The JV Gamma resulted in major cultural and project role changes for Alpha. To gather empirical data, a case study methodology was chosen, which included a literature review, seven weeks of observation, and 12 semi-structured interviews with Alpha employees. The study revealed a lack of clear communication between the JV and Alpha, emotional challenges during the transition, and a timing impact on the project. The study found a distinct shift in employee engagement, but it was higher than expected regarding the interviewees current level of workload, job satisfaction, and motivation. To improve employee perceptions and relationships between the JV and Alpha, the study suggests clear and effective communication, a focus on common goals, the creation of ties between team members, the utilization of the skills and experience of both organizations, the improvement of internal processes, and effective change management during downsizing.