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Examenspresentation av Oskar Olsson och Anton Alinder

Titel: Electromechanical Damping of Primary Control Surfaces for an Electric Aircraft - Damping characteristics of an actuator in case of power loss


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Examiner: Anders Grauers
Opponent: Johan Wallgren

This thesis evaluate a new type of electromechanical actuator’s ability to withstand external forces applied to the primary control surfaces of an aircraft, to determine if this actuator design can meet some of the critical requirements. The electromechanical actuator is a new product of an Italian company, UMBRAGROUP. A collaboration with them was carried out to create the simulation environment for the actuator. In order to withstand the external forces and provide damping at a power supply failure, different short circuit designs were evaluated for generating an induced torque. Simulations of the electric circuit and the mechanical system in MATLAB and SIMULINK showed that it is possible to damp the movement of a control surface. Furthermore, it was analysed how to affect the actuators bandwidth and how to determine the actuators damping coefficient.

Oskar, Anton and Anders