Evenemanget har passerat

Examenspresentation av Erik Angervall och Alva Steffner

Title: Development of algorithm for detection of spontaneous breathing in newborns


Evenemanget har passerat

When a baby is born it transitions from being a fetus to an infant. A big part of this transition is being able to breathe independently. While most infants breathe at birth, some need support in the neonatal transition, and preterm infants account for the majority of those needing respiratory support. When an infant is born prematurely, the lungs are not fully developed and performing respiratory support involves risk of permanently damaging the lungs and other organs if done incorrectly. To reduce the risk of harming the infants during respiratory support, Monivent AB have developed a system that measures in- and outflow of air in the face masks, and displays the delivered tidal volumes, as well as the pressure and amount of mask leak, for each delivered breath.

The main goal of providing respiratory support is to make the infant breathe spontaneously. Knowing when this is achieved and when to stop ventilating can be a challenge considering how weak the breathing attempts of a preterm infant might be. Monivent AB wants to develop their product to not only display delivered tidal volumes etc, but also detect spontaneous breathing. For this purpose, an algorithm for detection of spontaneous breathing in ventilation data has been developed.

The developed algorithm performs well in detecting spontaneous breaths not coinciding with ventilations, but needs more work before it can be used to detect so called combined breaths efficiently.


Erik, Alva and Ants