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Befordransföreläsning för Biträdande professor av Nikolce Murgovski

​Titel: Optimal control - exemplified by trajectory planning of automated vehicles
Optimal control deals with maximizing a performance of a dynamical system. The process of solving optimal control problems includes several stages, such as formulating the problem mathematically, transforming and classifying the problem to a standard class of optimization programs and developing tools and methods for finding a solution efficiently. In this lecture we will use the vehicle as an example of a dynamic system, and we will venture optimal control methods for trajectory planning problems. We will discuss pros and cons of analytical and numerical solutions, explicit and implicit controllers, interior point methods, dynamic programming, and reinforcement learning.
The lecture will be held at Lecture hall EA and also be broadcasted by Zoom.
Zoom password: 339519
Nikolce Murgovski and Anders Karlström


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  • Datum:Startar 8 februari 2023, 14:00Slutar 8 februari 2023, 15:00
  • Plats:
    EA, lecture hall, EDIT trappa C, D och H, Campus Johanneberg
  • Språk:Engelska