Fees and Scholarships

The application fee and tuition fees

Students who are citizens of a country outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland are required to pay an application fee of 900 SEK via universityadmissions.se. The application fee is an administrative fee and is non-refundable. No scholarships administrated by Chalmers cover the application fee and you cannot be exempted from it.

EU/EEA citizens don't have to pay fees, but they do have to document their citizenship status.

Read more about the rules and regulations about fees at universityadmissions.se

Read more about the Tuition fees administrated by Chalmers

A change of fee status

If you change your fee status from fee-paying to exempted after being admitted and​ before the start of the semester, you must contact the admissions at Chalmers to be re-assessed. Without a request for re-assessment you status remains unchanged. After the beginning of a semester you may apply for a re-assessment concerning the next semester, never retroactively.
Start by up-loading the complete residence permit with the criteria for being granted the permit visible, at your personal account at antagnings.se/universityadmission.se and send an e-mail to admissions@chalmers.se.
An invoice will be sent out to all admitted fee paying applicants, you must pay the tuition fee on time if a change of status has not been confirmed by the admissions at Chalmers.

Page manager Published: Wed 05 May 2021.