The use of online courses in the application process

Fulfilling specific requirements with online courses?

Any online course including Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) will be assessed in the same way as any other courses used for applying to Degree programmes or single subject courses at Chalmers. Please note that most MOOCS including coursera for example so far have not met the requirements set by Chalmers.

The documentation must fulfill the same requirements as all academic documentation used for the purpose of applying for a programme at Chalmers.

  • It must be possible to verify the student who has passed the course from the documentation; only first and last name is insufficient. 

  • The student must have passed the course during a controlled/proctored examination (situation) and the student’s result and identity can be verified.

  • Ideally, it should be stated in the Bachelor and/or Master’s academic transcripts used for application. 

  • The university offering the on-line courses must be internationally recognized.  

  • The course syllabus (course description with the content and learning outcome) must be submitted to prove that the applicant fulfils the specific course requirements. The contents and academic level of the course must be clearly conveyed and the syllabus must be issued by the university. 

  • A complete set of documentation (not URLs) is required and must be submitted. 

General requirements

Find out what requirements applies for any officially-issued academic documents, at

MOOCs issued by Coursera

The courses have so far not met the requirements set by Chalmers on academic documentation. Several important criteria are inadequately documented such as lack of learning objectives, scope and depth of the courses, the name of the course, the student's name is not always stated correctly in English or Swedish and verification of identity is not structured and secured.

No pre assessment is offered, for any type of documentation

Chalmers will not pre-assess any documentation. Do not send any documents directly to Chalmers Admissions. All applications will be assessed on a national and local level, both by the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) and Chalmers Admissions.

Page manager Published: Thu 08 Jul 2021.